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Social gambling and responsibility

Social responsibility in betting: BettyBetBet’s approach

In online gaming apps where excitement and anticipation thrive, responsible gambling practices often take a back seat. However, BettyBetBet is paving the way for a more conscientious approach to betting. In this article, we’ll delve into how BettyBetBet prioritises social responsibility within its community, addressing concerns and fostering a healthy

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Strategies for Fundraising Campaigns in 2024

In fundraising staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Over recent years the dynamics of fundraising have transformed, demanding innovative approaches and strategic thinking as a result of the pandemic and technological advancement. Whether you’re fundraising for a nonprofit organization, a startup, or a personal cause, adopting the

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6 steps to success: A guide to fundraising with BettyBetBet

Fundraising is a vital tool that fuels growth, development, and success – at all levels of football. BettyBetBet is thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for clubs to boost their financial support or support charitable causes close to them through our innovative and fun method of fundraising. We know that

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Bettybetbet’s Bestballs: Celebrating football’s finest moments

In the world of football, where passion, skill, and community converge, Bettybetbet is excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that puts the spotlight on the heart and soul of the game. Welcome to Bettybetbet’s Bestballs, a weekly rundown of the best goals and impressive skills in football that promises to

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What we mean by someone always wins

The allure of online gambling is on the rise, with apps and intelligent marketing it’s easy to get in well over your head. In traditional betting the bookie always wins, but at BettyBetBet this isn’t the case. All our games are Player vs Player – this means you don’t play

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Getting the word out

Hello everyone, It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Betty Towers. We’ve got lots of work to do to get the app up and running but The Shoothill team are smashing that so I’ve been trying to get the word out. I’m obviously very biased, but I think BettyBetBet

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Our first club on board!

Hi everyone. Big news! We’ve got our first club signed up to use BettyBetBet for fundraising. It’s great news, and a bit of a relief. Imposter syndrome tells you thing won’t work – so it’s a good feeling to have a club committed! Albeit an easy sell because I play

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