Who am I and what is BettyBetBet?

Hello everyone!

If you’re reading this, you’ve come across BettyBetBet which is great news. I’m glad you’ve found us so early, it means you’ll have an idea of what we’re about before anyone else and you can help me tell everyone how good (or sh*t) it’s going to be.

I’ll introduce myself before I get into BettyBetBet. That way you can see that it’s not another betting company trying to take your money. I’m a person with an idea that at the heart wants to help clubs and communities by giving them a platform to fundraise and make running clubs an awful lot easier.

I’m Sam from Shrewsbury and by day I’m a teacher and by night I’m trying to build a social betting platform. I’ve always been massively into football, always played and always watched. I’m more than happy to tell you I’m an Arsenal supporter but I kept that quiet when we were rubbish. Although I love watching football, playing has always been my passion. I was fortunate enough to play in America on a scholarship and still play locally now for the greatest club in the world, Church Stretton Town FC (UTS). Just like most people who are involved in any sport at any capacity, I fell in love with the social aspect. I’ve made my closest friends through football and made memories that will last a lifetime, and with that in mind I wanted to combine a love of sport, betting and community to create a space that everyone can enjoy as well as support their local clubs.

Through my involvement on the committee of a couple of different clubs, I have realised what absolute pain in the arse it is to pay all of the bills you are expected to pay in order to play. Pitch cost, insurance, referee fees etc all add up to an extortionate amount. If you don’t have sponsors to help you, the club are expected to pay it themselves. I am close to some great people who work tirelessly to keep clubs afloat and without them, grassroots sport wouldn’t exist. Fundraising and chasing sponsors is hard work, we all know it but there is nothing to help out and make life easier.

That is how BettyBetBet was born. A community driven betting app that allows users to bet against other players and not the bookie. We’re creating a social betting community where a punter always wins. Join games of hundreds of people for the chance to win big money with much better odds than at any of the bookmakers. And the best part is, you can do it all in aid of your local team. fundraising is a nightmare, so we’ve made it easy and FREE for the clubs taking part.

Not only will clubs and sports teams have the opportunity to fundraise through BettyBetBet, individuals will also be able to win some big amounts of money by playing our public games. Our games are designed so that at least one person always wins, a far cry from your average bookies who take your money and run. We want you to win! Don’t get me wrong, we are going to take some of the pot because we are a business but the large majority of the pot will go to you. On BettyBetBet you’ll be able to test your football knowledge and beat other people. We all talk the talk in the pub and now BettyBetBet is giving you the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and challenge your mates and the wider football community all with the chance of winning a lot of money. I’m not going to go into detail about the couple of games we will be running with at launch because to keep things exciting, we will drip feed you information. Although there is already some information on the website.

We’re currently in the process of building the app. We will keep you all updated regularly on social media and through these blog posts written either by myself, or the wonderful lads at Shoothill who are helping bring this project to life. We’re all children at heart and we enjoy having a laugh. The marketing and media will reflect that but this is a project that is close to my heart so underneath the banter, there is a passion and drive for this to blow up and succeed.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m still very new to all this so I’m learning as I go, you’re going to have to grin and bear with me but I’ll appreciate any and all support!

If you have any questions, or your club is interested in signing up early to get their fundraising ball rolling drop us a message on twitter, instagram or facebook and I’ll get back to you asap. Alternatively you can email me, [email protected]. PuntCast was the original name but we decided we like BettyBetBet better.

Spread the word.
Cheers Sam.