Betty Bet Bet FAQs

Betty Bet Bet is a social betting platform that specialises in player vs player community betting. As opposed to your traditional sportsbook, you bet against other players for your chance to win money at much better odds than you will find anywhere else. 

Player vs player means you’ll be competing against other real life people. Anyone can join public games meaning you’ll be playing against people from all over the country, you can even invite your friends to join. Our mission is to bring the social side of sport to a brand new betting community so you’ll be able to interact with those you are playing with using in-app features. 

When you log into our app, you will search for a game that is suitable for you. Different games have different buy-in values, the higher the buy-in the more money you can win. On launch, there will be two games available to play, King of the Hill and WinKing. Both of these games require you to pick one team to win each week. The teams available to you will be based on the league you choose to play in.

King of the Hill is a player vs player knockout game. To play a King of the Hill game, you must first pay the buy-in. The buy-ins of each player are added up to calculate the possible jackpot. 

  1. Pick one team to win. If they win, you stay in, lose or draw and you’re out. Once you’re out, that is it for that game. So, pick wisely! 
  2. Pick carefully though, you can only use each team once. If you pick Man City in the first week, you can’t use them again for the remainder of that game. 
  3. The last player remaining, is the winner and they receive the jackpot. If everyone’s selection loses in the same week, meaning no one is remaining, the jackpot will be split evenly between the players. 

Win King is similar to King of the Hill, in that you have to pick one team a week. But instead of trying to stay in, you are choosing teams to earn you points to help you climb the league table. If your team loses or draws, you aren’t knocked out, you just don’t earn any points. Make sure you read the rules before picking your team, depending on where your choice is in their league will depend on their value.

The Premier League will be split in quarters: 

Position 1-5 = 1 point 

Positions 2-10 = 2 points 

Positions 11-15 = 3 points 

Positions 16-20 = 4 points 

  1. Pick a team to win. If they win, you win the points value associated with that team. If they lose or draw, you earn nothing
  2. Unlike King of the Hill you CAN pick the same team multiple times.
  3. The game will end when the predetermined values are met. Either a player has reached the points target, or the game has run for the specified number of weeks. 
  4. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. If multiple players have the same points total at the end, the jackpot will be split.

Firstly, downloading the app is completely free. When searching for a game, the buy-in values are clearly marked so you can find a game that is suitable for you. 

At launch, The Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two will be available to play. Due to the nature of our games, leagues won’t be mixed. You will be able to filter your options to make sure you are joining a game that is suitable for you. Once Betty Bet Bet is up and running, we will be expanding our horizons into Scottish and European Leagues too! 

Absolutely! You can join as many games as you want. Our ‘My Games’ feature will help you to keep up to date with your choices and notifications will remind you when it’s time to pick your team. 

ABSOLUTELY! You can set up your own private games of King of the Hill and WinKing, set your own rules, invite your community to play and decide where the jackpot goes. We’re very excited about this feature because it gives clubs an opportunity to raise more money with no cost to them.

It doesn’t cost the club a penny. We want to be totally transparent at Betty Bet Bet so we will tell you exactly where the money goes. Betty Bet Bet will take a 10% administration fee (capped at £50) off the winners jackpot. This means the money the club has raised is protected.  

If you want more information about fundraising through Betty Bet Bet, drop an email to [email protected]. 

We take 10% of each jackpot. That means that in each game played, at least one player is guaranteed to win the jackpot. More than one player may win if the jackpot needs to be split. 

As soon as the first match in your game starts we send your cause’s split of the pot.

We only hold on to the winner’s portion of the pot, which is ready to be withdrawn when the game ends. 

You can have other Betty Bet Bet players join on your behalf with multiple entries. 

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