Make some money for your club

We’ve had a busy week, doing new things, developing Betty and getting the word out. Last weekend, the Shoothill guys brought their cameras to Church Stretton to get some footage of the game for a promo video, before interviewing me at the pub. I’ve never been interviewed before so it’s fair to say, I was a bit nervous and a little uncomfortable.


Hopefully, you’ve already seen the video, if not go and have a look at our socials and watch it, please! I’ve given a brief description of what the app is all about and touched upon the two games that will be available on launch. 


Both King of the Hill and Win King will be able to play publicly and privately. Public games are where the winners make the big bucks. You’ll be able to join games full of hundreds of like-minded, football fans for big value jackpots. I’ll come back to the public games in the next couple of weeks but for this blog, I’ll explain the private games in a bit more detail.


Private games are our solution to fundraising for grassroots clubs. Every season we hear and see the same issues when it comes to funding grassroots football and sports in general. We chase money from sponsors and subs off players and it gets exhausting. I think it’s fair to say that finance issues are the number one reason for clubs folding. We want fundraising to be easy, so we are creating a platform for clubs and teams to improve the quality of their set-up. They’ll raise the finances needed to survive, as well as build a community and have fun. 


On BettyBetBet, you create your own password-protected King of the Hill or Win King game and completely, customise it to suit your needs. Here are a few things you’ll be able to change to ensure that you get out of the game exactly what you need:


● Choose the name of the game

● Choose the buy-in price

● Choose the minimum and maximum amount of players

● Add your club/team’s badge

● Decide how the pot is split. Choose the amount that goes to your club and the amount that goes to the winner


At BettyBetBet we want to be transparent about costs and where the money goes. So we’re very happy to tell you that private games will be completely free for the club that is fundraising. We take 5% (capped at £50) out of the winner’s pot which covers the administration of the game. 


Here’s an example of how a private game might look.


BettyBetBet United FC Fundraiser

200 players @ £10 each = £2000

75% to BettyBetBet United FC = £1500

Administration fee of 5% (capped at £50) = £50

25% to winning player = £450


As you can see from the example, it’s a free tool that can eradicate any financial worries your club might have. We won’t put a cap on the amount of games you set up either. You can set up 100 a season if you want to!


I hope that makes sense and gives you an insight into how you can use BettyBetBet as a tool to enhance your clubs and teams. 


If you have any questions or want to register your interest and fundraise through BettyBetBet email me at [email protected]


Our list of interested clubs and societies is growing RAPIDLY so join in! It will be fun.


Have a good one,