Raising funds and having fun

In the world of mobile social betting and gaming, there’s a new contender where someone always wins. BettyBetBet introduces King of the Hill. A game that allows users to raise funds while having a blast. This innovative approach to gaming takes the thrill of betting and combines it with a noble cause.


Understanding King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a game offered by BettyBetBet, that combines skill, strategy, and fun in a competitive gaming environment. It’s a variation of the classic last man standing game, offering users the opportunity to compete with others without getting over their heads.

How it works

Buy into the pot: At the start of a game, you buy into the pot, which is split between the winner, charitable cause and a small administration fee charged by BettyBetBet.

Compete with others: In King of the Hill, you’re not betting against the house; you’re competing with fellow players. With each game of football, you pick who you think will win. If they win you stay in the game, it’s just that simple!

You can only pick each team once: Here’s the strategy in King of the Hill. Once you’ve picked a team once, you can’t pick them again.

Charitable donations: The unique feature of King of the Hill is that you can raise funds for charity. BettyBetBet users can support a variety of initiatives.

Raising funds with King of the Hill: A win-win situation

The first step to raising funds with King of the Hill is selecting a charitable cause that resonates with you. This could be your own team or charity, then set up your private game and invite some people to get the game going!

King of the Hill is a win-win for everyone involved, it’s a chance to raise funds while having fun and engaging in your community. You get to experience the thrill of last man standing, without having to manage a WhatsApp group and a spreadsheet. Test your skills, compete with others, and feel the satisfaction of making a positive impact on society – without the faff.