Our first club on board!

Hi everyone. Big news! We’ve got our first club signed up to use BettyBetBet for fundraising.

It’s great news, and a bit of a relief. Imposter syndrome tells you thing won’t work – so it’s a good feeling to have a club committed! Albeit an easy sell because I play for them.

Last week I asked the Stretton Italian national anthem performing legend, what life with Church Stretton Town FC is like, the challenges that come with it and how BettyBetBet will help.

What is your role at the club?

My role is club secretary, treasurer, groundsman and general dogs body.


You’ve been involved with the club for a long time, what does it mean to you?

Church Stretton is the first result I look for on a Saturday – if I’m not able to attend. I’ve been involved with the club for 20 years as a player, manager and now my current roles. The football club is very close to my heart, and I will be involved with it for many years to come.


At this level, finances can be difficult to manage, what is it like trying to run the club from that stand point?

The running costs of the season are around £1500, so finding that amount of money each season has its challenges. Fundraising and refreshments on a matchday are just one of the many things we as a club do to make ends meet each season. It’s hard work and it takes a dedicated committee to pull together throughout the year.


What sort of things does the club do to ensure it keeps going?

Every two years we host a charity ball. This raises the biggest amount of funds for us and enables us to run as a football club for at least two seasons. We also have a last-man-standing game which happens at least twice a season. Christmas raffles and race nights are also organised during the years we don’t host a charity ball. All of these take a lot of work and administration to run and make the money we need to pay the bills that are part and parcel with grassroots football.


Now the club have signed up to Betty Bet Bet, how will our platform help with fundraising?

Betty Bet Bet will take the stress and strain of organising fundraising solutions for the football club. Not only will it organise and collate all the information I usually input manually, it will also manage funds and give our community the chance to compete against each other. I’m also hoping that the social media posts that are supplied will get even more people involved.


What excites you about working with Betty Bet Bet?

The most exciting thing about using Betty Bet Bet is the different games they have on offer. It will create a team spirit within the club when everyone’s competing against each other in different formats. The support Sam has given us when signing up has been great as well, he walked us through the process and how it will look and work when up and running, giving us confidence that Betty Bet Bet will no doubt make fundraising easier.


Church Stretton Town FC are the first club to sign up with Betty Bet Bet. They have committed to easier, stress-free fundraising that will not only enhance their finances but also engage and grow their community by giving them a social platform that encourages interaction and a good laugh.

If you want to learn more about the opportunities Betty Bet Bet can provide, message us on our socials @bettybetbetuk or email Sam at [email protected].