Getting the word out

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Betty Towers. We’ve got lots of work to do to get the app up and running but The Shoothill team are smashing that so I’ve been trying to get the word out.

I’m obviously very biased, but I think BettyBetBet is great and will get better over time. In fact, I have no doubt about it! So although I’m biased, I’m correct. So this week and the previous, I’ve been cold calling football clubs to get teams signed up early so they don’t miss a minute of that wonderful fundraising time once we are fully up and running. We are now generating some good
levels of interest which is fantastic, clubs are approaching us, asking questions, and some of my cold calls aren’t ending in being told to p*ss off!

What we are building is a totally transparent, community-driven, social platform which will guarantee to improve your club’s finances because it is FREE for clubs to use. Maybe it sounds
too good to be true but it is true, all you need to do is get your community to play which will be easy, because they will win money too! Your club makes money, the winner makes money, we
all have a laugh and everyone is happy!

That’s the goal.

So if you or someone you know is raising funds for a club or charity, get in touch with me. I’m sure we can help. If not, you’re going learn a little bit about our platform and join our public games, where you can also win big!

This week we also got our business cards sorted by Charlie at Selfmade Studio and our logos printed on some hoodys by Lee at LW Sports & Custom Clothing so cheers for those lads.