What we mean by someone always wins

The allure of online gambling is on the rise, with apps and intelligent marketing it’s easy to get in well over your head. In traditional betting the bookie always wins, but at BettyBetBet this isn’t the case. All our games are Player vs Player – this means you don’t play the house and that someone always wins.

The importance of responsible gaming cannot be overstated, and this is just one of the issues BettyBetBet fixes.  Read on to find out more about the work BettyBetBet does to put the fun back in gaming.

Player vs player games:

On BettyBetBet you don’t play against us – you play your mates, colleagues and other fans! Our games rely on skill and knowledge, so if you fancy yourself to be the best – it might just be for you.

When you play against other people, we believe you’re more likely to have fun and gamble responsibly as a result of peer accountability.

Private games on our platform are a brilliant way to raise funds for your club or good cause of your choice. Just another way that with BettyBetBet someone always wins. Invite only, in this game you’ll only be in a pool of people you know or e-know, again with further peer accountability.

Transparent and ethical practices:

BettyBetBet prides itself on transparency and ethical business practices. With our clear terms and conditions, the platform ensures that users are well-informed before engaging in any games. By providing accurate information, BettyBetBet empowers users to make informed decisions and promotes responsible behaviour.

We make it clear from the off what our admin fees are and what we provide for this – a streamlined method of playing your favourite club games with easy ways of getting more players into your games through social media.

User verification:

One of the cornerstones of responsible gambling is ensuring that only individuals of legal age are allowed to participate and with GAMSTOP preventing self-excluded individuals. BettyBetBet employs robust age verification measures to guarantee that users are above the legal gambling age.

Personalized limits and controls:

To further promote responsible gambling, BettyBetBet offers a range of personalized limits and controls that users can set for themselves. By allowing users to define their own boundaries, BettyBetBet encourages players to stay within limits the they are comfortable with, preventing excessive gambling – keeping the games fun meaning you can carry on supporting the causes close to you.

In a rapidly evolving online gambling landscape, BettyBetBet stands out as a beacon of responsibility. By prioritizing transparency, employing strict age verification measures, offering personalized limits, collaborating with responsible gambling organizations, and providing educational resources, BettyBetBet has created an environment where users can enjoy the excitement of gambling responsibly. As the platform continues to lead by example, it sets a standard for the industry, demonstrating that responsible gambling is not only possible but essential for the well-being of its users.