6 steps to success: A guide to fundraising with BettyBetBet

Fundraising is a vital tool that fuels growth, development, and success – at all levels of football. BettyBetBet is thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for clubs to boost their financial support or support charitable causes close to them through our innovative and fun method of fundraising.

We know that running spreadsheets for your last man standing games, just simply isn’t for everyone. But that’s no reason why they shouldn’t get in on the fun. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the straightforward process of how clubs (or you) can sign up and embark on a fantastic fundraising journey with BettyBetBet.

Step 1: Download BettyBetBet

The first step in getting your club set up for fundraising with BettyBetBet is to of course download the app. We’ll soon be on your app store and ready to download – keep your eyes peeled as more details on the launch will be coming soon. Our user-friendly platform streamlines registration and verification process and provides clubs with all the necessary tools they need to get their fundraising campaign going.

Step 2: Register with BettyBetBet

You’ll only need one person in your club or group to set up your fundraising effort. We recommend that this is a club secretary or fundraising officer if you’re a club raising funds. But if you and some mates want to do something for a good cause there’s nothing wrong with that either!

All players need to verify who they are, pass Gamstop checks and of course be over 18. BettyBetBet is committed to maintaining a secure and trustworthy fundraising environment – it’s for this reason that fundraising games are private. With entry restricted by passcodes, you can control who does and doesn’t join.

Step 3: Create your private King of the Hill game

The next step is setting up your game. A simple process – name your game, put in where the funds are going, and decide on how the prize pot is split, between your winner and nominated cause.

Within minutes you’re ready to go and have a link to share with your club, mates and anyone else you’d like to join the game.

Step 4: Engage your community

With your campaign set up, it’s time to engage your community and supporters. BettyBetBet provides tools and resources to help clubs reach a wider audience. Share your game through social media links making it easy to spread your game to players in your group chats and on your messenger page.

Potential players can only join the games if they’ve got the correct password.

Step 5: Funds go to a good cause

The moment the first game kicks off – the funds your game has raised are sent to your good cause. This means you can reap the rewards of your fundraising campaign as soon as possible bet that is for charity or to support your club. We only hold on to the winner’s pot – be that for 2 games or 15.

Step 6: Enjoy the game

Let’s be real here your job has been done since the game started. Sit back, enjoy the game and wait for the King of the Hill to be crowned.

When BettyBetBet comes to app stores in 2024, fundraising at the grassroots level is going to be revolutionised. Through King of the Hill and Win King – BettyBetBet keeps the fun in fundraising. Follow us on social media for regular updates about the platform.