Alternative ways of fundraising and using BettyBetBet

BettyBetBet is a fun way to get your community behind a cause, be that supporting your club, a charity or a good cause. With our private game modes, you get to decide what cut of the pot goes to your good cause and your winner. Set up your game, invite some players and away you go.

Traditionally last man standing is run within a club’s players and supporters, and managed by the committee. BettyBetBet streamlines this and means you can run games with an unlimited amount of players – even in some unconventional use cases. In this article, we’re going to talk through some outside-of-the-box ideas, where you can use BettyBetBet in your fundraising and crowdfunding endeavours – beyond the football pitch.

Crowdfund your podcast on BettyBetBet

Podcasts are increasingly popular and there are plenty of different football podcasts out there. It’s pretty commonplace for podcasts to be supported by their listeners, be that through Patreon or PayPal donations. But how about taking another angle? Using BettyBetBet, your audience can support your podcast be that improving equipment, licensing or taking on editing staff.

You’ve got a new way to interact with your listeners, you can carry on supporting your podcast and better still they can get a little something back! All BettyBetBet takes is its small administration fee, just like PayPal or Patreon does.

Supporting your local community

It’s true, there’s a life beyond football, we all live and work in our communities and why not do something a little fun for your local area, say donate money to a food bank, or your local hospice.

Utilizing BettyBetBet’s private game modes presents an innovative means to bolster community support and engagement. You can create dynamic games to achieve your community goals.

Members can contribute to the community’s initiatives by joining these private games, and a portion of the proceeds can be directed towards community projects, events, or charitable causes. This not only fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose but also transforms fundraising into an entertaining and collaborative experience. BettyBetBet’s private game modes serve as a powerful tool to strengthen community ties, offering a fun and inclusive way for members to actively contribute to the growth and well-being of the community as a whole.

Crowdfunding a project

Looking for a more fun way to raise some funds for your student film or venture – well BettyBetBet can provide. Perhaps its on brand with your target audience? Or just a creative way of getting people involved with fundraising?

BettyBetBet’s private game modes provide an engaging way to crowd-fund your project, revolutionizing traditional fundraising strategies. By leveraging the platform’s customizable private games, for the likes of film projects and startups. These games not only serve as a source of entertainment but also as a dynamic fundraising tool. Participants can contribute to the film project by joining the private games, with a portion of the entry fees directly supporting the project.

This approach not only generates financial support but also builds a community around the project, fostering a sense of shared excitement and ownership among backers. BettyBetBet’s private game modes offer a novel and interactive avenue to connect with an audience while securing the necessary funds to bring your creative vision to life.