BettyBetBet: How we split winnings

When it comes to betting platforms, transparency and clarity are essential. At BettyBetBet, we believe in providing our users with the facts: we want you to know where the money goes.

Winning splits explained:

In private games of both Win King and King of the Hill, you get to decide the split between your winner and your cause.

Private games are fully customised by you: you decide the buy-in price and the percentage split. Whether be 50/50 or 75/25, it’s up to you to decide which is best for you.

You’ve built a pot of £1000 by rounding up 100 players and paying a £10 buy-in. You’ve set a 50% split between the winner and your cause, we’ll take our 15% admin fee to enable us to continue to  run BettyBetBet. This means both your winner and cause would receive £425 and they incur no costs – remember winnings are tax-free.

When do we get our winnings?

In King of the Hill, your winner gets their winnings when the game is done – meaning when they’re the last man standing and all other players are eliminated. This could be after 1 round, or it could be after 20. The game runs until nobody else is left and once this final round is concluded the funds are released to the winner’s account ready to be withdrawn or enter more games.

Win King is a little different, using a league-based structure players aren’t kicked out when they get a pick wrong. This means games are longer, but once the rounds are done – the winner get’s their winnings.

When does money for our cause get released?

As soon as your players are locked in and your private game begins, the funds you’ve raised are sent to your designated cause. Simply because there’s no need for us to hold onto these, it’s your money to be put towards your good cause.

At BettyBetBet, we’re committed to providing a reliable, secure, and enjoyable social gaming experience. Transparency is at the heart of this, and we hope this article helps your understanding of how it all works and what you and your good causes get out of it.

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