Why use BettyBetBet?

Obviously, we’re biased but it’s difficult for us to think of a ‘why not?’. We live in a world where the big clubs in sport refuse to help the small fish, especially grassroots. Every season we see far too many clubs fold due to funding issues, with no help from those rolling in cash. We embarked on a journey to create an app that aims to revolutionise the way football fans engage with sports betting, their local teams and the groups that surround us.

Why should I use BettyBetBet?

What sets BettyBetBet apart from the competition? It’s not just about placing bets—it’s about the experience. Here is what makes the app unique and better than the rest.

Easy fundraising:

In our private game modes, you can split the pot two ways between your winner and a cause of your choice. Better still, you decide on the split. If you want 70% to go to your cause that’s fine, 36% that’s fine as well and of course even just 1%.

Community-driven games:

With BettyBetBet gaming is social, you play in groups. Be that a private game – arranged by a group of friends, football club or office – or in one of our public games. Around each game we build a community, making gaming fun again and giving you the chance to earn the recognition as the football boffin you are.

The chance to win big:

We say it over and over again, BettyBetBet is where someone always wins. Unlike other betting platforms, you’ll never play us. We’ve taken the bookie out of betting. Instead, you play in a pool of your mates, colleagues or local community. Players buy in to a pot, and the winner wins big.

With these three reasons its easy to see why you’d want to use BettyBetBet. If you’re looking for a way to streamline fundraising, take the fuss out of your last man standing games and have the chance to win big – getting on BettyBetBet is a no-brainer. So keep an eye out when we launch soon.