How BettyBetBet helps you make the most of your game and fundraising

In social gaming and fundraising, maximizing your potential and efficiency is the key to success. Our revolutionary platform, BettyBetBet is designed to streamline and enhance your last-man standing games and fundraising efforts.

This is to make it easier than ever to get involved but for those running it to focus on what they want to be doing —playing. Here’s how BettyBetBet can help you make the most of your game:

Enabling fundraising

One of the standout features of BettyBetBet is its ability to facilitate fundraising. Whether you’re a solo player looking to support your gaming endeavours or a team raising funds for tournaments and events, BettyBetBet has you covered.

Our games are all community based, meaning that you never play a bookie and that someone always wins. In public game modes these can be massive, but in private game modes this could be just between your house, office or even an online community. In the latter, you’ve got the option to set aside a cut of the prize pot for a cause of your choice.

Instant sharing

With BettyBetBet, you don’t need to fumble around with different apps and websites. Create your game in our platform and easily share it to social media groups and feeds to get your players in.

Streamlined campaigns

Setting up a fundraising campaign on BettyBetBet is a breeze. The platform provides user-friendly tools to create your campaigns. The app does the management for you, meaning you’re free to do two things. Firstly get more players in your games and exceed your fundraising goals. Second, enjoy the game yourself.

No more admin time

Administrative tasks can be a significant time sink – and balancing your burden of work, family, you don’t want you hobby to become a chore, diverting your focus away from gaming. BettyBetBet automates the admin of a last-man standing game, tracking choices, setting choice deadlines and importantly kicking out the losers! This means less time spent on logistics and more time spent in the game.

BettyBetBet is more than just a social gaming platform; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to enhance your community, fundraising and last-man standing games. From effortless social media sharing to efficient fundraising and reduced administrative tasks, BettyBetBet empowers you to focus on what truly matters—playing and excelling in your game. Embrace the future of fundraising with BettyBetBet and make the most of every moment this season.