Keepy uppy Challenge

Fancy yourself a Football Pro? Well before Betty Bet Bet launches, test your skills out on this week’s Keepy Uppy Challenge!


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Raise funds for your passions

A community-focused app. In the games you setup, you decide on the split between winners and your cause. When setting up your own game, you get to decide how much of the pot goes to your cause of choice. Looking to raise funds for your local team? Got a charity you’re passionate for? Betty Bet Bet empowers you to support what you’re passionate about, by doing what you’re passionate about.

Player vs Player

Where someone always wins. As a player vs player app, you’re not playing against the bookie. You’re playing your mates, colleagues and fellow punters. The idea, to keep betting social and fun. Betty Bet Bet encourages responsible gambling. With social elements to the app Betty Bet Bet is about fostering a strong, safe community where banter reigns king.

What can I play on Betty Bet Bet?

Betty Bet Bet is a platform for community sports betting, with many games to come that we can’t wait to show to you. At launch you’ll be able to play King of the Hill. After this we’ll be launching Win King, a league-based game. Many more fun games and sports will be added to the app as we grow with our community.

Where can I find Betty Bet Bet?

Betty Bet Bet is an app that will soon be launching across all app stores. Sign up on this page to receive updates from the team, get involved in the fun early and be notified for launch.

Join our waiting list

We’ll soon be launching across the app stores, but in the meantime, why not join in on the fun and sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media?

Betty Bet Bet will be sharing regular updates on development but also adding a bit more fun into the world of sport.

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