How BettyBetBet helps you make the most of your game and fundraising

In social gaming and fundraising, maximizing your potential and efficiency is the key to success. Our revolutionary platform, BettyBetBet is designed to streamline and enhance your last-man standing games and fundraising efforts. This is to make it easier than ever to get involved but for those running it to focus on what they want to […]

Grassroots football in Shropshire: The benefits of partnering with BettyBetBet

Grassroots football teams across the country are the heart and soul of local communities, providing opportunities for players of all ages to play and have fun. However, maintaining and growing these teams can be challenging due to limited resources and funding. This is where using BettyBetBet can make a significant impact through helping you raise […]

BettyBetBet Fives: What are you supporting?

Get ready to lace up your boots because the much-anticipated BettyBetBet Fives Tournament and Fun Day is just around the corner! Scheduled for July 13th, this action-packed event promises to deliver a day of thrilling competition, family-friendly entertainment, and heartfelt fundraising, all in support of two incredible causes: Little Rascals and the Shrewsbury Town Football […]

Winning strategies: How to boost your odds with BettyBetBet

Within BettyBetBet, success is not merely a matter of luck—it’s a strategic endeavour that requires skill, knowledge, and the right tools at your disposal. Our games are the ultimate expression of your skill and sports knowledge. In this guide, we’ll delve into practical methods to leverage the power of BettyBetBet and get the most out […]

Why use BettyBetBet?

Obviously, we’re biased but it’s difficult for us to think of a ‘why not?’. We live in a world where the big clubs in sport refuse to help the small fish, especially grassroots. Every season we see far too many clubs fold due to funding issues, with no help from those rolling in cash. We […]

Peer-to-peer social gaming: The heart of BettyBetBet

Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms have revolutionised the way many games are played – but not yet in the world of betting. BettyBetBet transforms the world of betting into P2P social gaming. We’re a platform that builds community spirit – making sure the game always stays fun and that players stay within their limits. But what exactly […]

King of the Hill: Our rules for dummies

Last week we sat down to explain how our winning fees worked. In the interest of keeping all things transparent. We thought it best to formally publish the rules for our games. King of the Hill is our version of the iconic last-man standing game played in pubs across the country. An exciting knockout game […]

BettyBetBet Fives: A Day of Football Fun

Join us at Croud Meadow, the home of Shrewsbury Town FC, on the 13th of July, for some five-a-side fun in aid of the Shrewsbury Town Foundation and Little Rascals. To celebrate the launch of the revolutionary betting and fundraising app, we are hosting a corporate five-a-side tournament in aid of two wonderful, local charities. […]

BettyBetBet: How we split winnings

When it comes to betting platforms, transparency and clarity are essential. At BettyBetBet, we believe in providing our users with the facts: we want you to know where the money goes. Winning splits explained: In private games of both Win King and King of the Hill, you get to decide the split between your winner […]

King of the Hill vs. Win King – Choosing the right game for fun and fundraising

BettyBetBet’s adrenaline-pumping last-man standing game King of the Hill and its counterpart, Win King, which introduces a league-based structure offer two very different styles of play. However, the choice between the two goes beyond just gameplay preferences; it extends to the unique fundraising opportunities each mode offers. King of the Hill: The thrill of the […]